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Media ID #: 1817489     IIC Ref #: IICZZ13250
Photographer Ref #: MUND03559-01
Photographer: The Irish Image Collection
Image Description:  Devenish Monastic Site, Lough Erne, Co Fermanagh, Ireland; Medieval Monastic Site
Releases:   Not Released
Related Search Terms: Horizontal Field Outdoors Day Remote Countryside Medieval Building Architecture Tower European Ruins Island Monastery Islands Photography Catholic Catholicism Ireland Northern Ireland Fermanagh Nobody Travel Lake Rural Scene Color Image Monasteries Monastic Travel Destinations County Fermanagh Lough Erne Round Tower Architectural Heritage Monastic Site Ulster Devenish Island Lower Lough Erne Contae Fhear Manach Fear Manach Devenish Middle Ages Irish History Monasticism Co Fermanagh Irish Round Tower Monastic Sites Historical Landmark Devenish Monastic Site Irish Round Towers

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