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Media ID #: 1820261     IIC Ref #: IICZZ14675
Photographer Ref #: CORR00027-01
Photographer: The Irish Image Collection
Image Description:  Ireland, Traditional Turf Cutting, Thatched Turf Pile
Releases:   Not Released
Related Search Terms: Horizontal Field Country Outdoors Day Daytime Agriculture Countryside Action Economy Town Cottage Traditional Tradition House Earth Village Wood Farming Cutting Fuel Wooden Soil Houses Carving Fields Peat Bog Pile Housing Abundance Dwelling Photography Towns Traditions Turf Ireland Villages Thatched Farm Life Wood Carving Northern Ireland Outside Nobody Dirt Wood Pile Energy Time Rural Scene Republic Of Ireland Color Image Thatched Cottage Thatching E.U. Eu European Union Turf Cutting Traditional Pubs Turf Bog Traditional Thatching Turf Pile Village Pub Wooden House Colour Image No One No Person Matted Earth Thatched Covering Thatch Cover Thatched Cover Thatched Turf Pile Peat Pile Traditional Turf Cutting Peat Cutting Traditional Turf Small Field

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